Poaching Alert

Poaching is everybody’s business!

Poaching Alert

Marine species are part of our collective heritage. Their value is priceless and we all share in the responsibility of preserving them.

Unfortunately, every year, illegal acts endanger fish stocks and their habitats. The most common Fisheries Act infractions are:

  • Fishing by non licence-holders
  • Fishing in a closed area
  • Exceeding authorized catch limits
  • Use of illegal fishing gear
  • The sale of fish caught by recreational fishers
  • Altering, disturbing or destroying fish habitats
  • Pollution of the coastal or marine environment
  • Disturbance of marine mammals

Report Poaching Incidents

If you witness poaching, destruction of fish habitats, or the disturbance of marine mammals, contact the DFO Poaching Alert Network. In doing so, you’ll be assisting the fishery officers and help protect marine resources.

There are two ways to send us information:

  • From your computer or a mobile device, using the online form. The form also allows you to submit photos. The information will then be sent to a fishery officer.
  • By telephone at the Poaching Alert line: 1-800-463-9057. Note that employees answering Poaching Alert calls are not fishery officers and cannot inform you of the status of a report. They send the reports to the officers as soon as possible

Before calling Poaching Alert line, make sure you have on hand as many details as possible, for instance:

  • Nature of the offence
  • Place, date and time of the offence
  • Identity of the offenders or their description
  • Description and registration number of the vessel and/or vehicle, and
  • Any available evidence of the offence

You are not required to identify yourself or testify in court. However, you may choose to identify yourself. Fishery officers may require additional information during the investigation.

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