Marine Mammals

Several people observe the carcass of a blue whale stranded on a beach.

Dead or in-distress marine mammals

Whether to intervene quickly in case of distress or to document mortality, the Marine Mammal EmergenciesQuebec network must be informed as soon as possible if you observe a dead or distressed mammal.

Also note that species at risk, even when dead, are protected under the Species at Risk Act.

Dead or in-distress marine mammals

Marine mammal research in Canada

Group of five beluga whales

The health and ecology of marine mammals are the subject of much research to help us better know and protect them. The Centre of Expertise in Marine Mammalogy of Fisheries and Oceans Canada is run from the Maurice Lamontagne Institute in Mont-Joli, Quebec.

Marine Mammal Research

Watching marine mammals in Quebec

Regulations to protect marine mammals have been put in place to allow you to fully experience your nautical activities without compromising the survival and recovery of marine mammals. Specific measures affect certain sectors or species, taking their particularities into account.

Five harbour seals rest on a rock.

If you witness acts that contravene the law, report them to Poaching Alert: 1-800-463-9057

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Further information and educational tools for marine mammals -identification, behaviour, protective measures, etc.- are available from: