Fishing Surveillance

Surveillance des pêchesThe management of Canadian fisheries requires an integrated approach to surveillance and control activities that involves Fishery Officers on patrols, the presence of observers on board fishing vessels, dockside monitoring and a remote electronic surveillance system.

The activities of Fisheries Officers are geared to enforcing fisheries legislation, policies and plans to ensure the conservation and sustainable development of resources.

Fishery Officer Career

Quebec Region Fishery Officers enforce the regulations concerning species that live and reproduce in the sea. To fulfill this mandate, they are deployed in maritime territory to patrol the Gaspesie, North Shore, Magdalen Islands and Northern Quebec areas.

Their varied tasks mainly fall into three types of activities:

  • awareness;
  • control, monitoring and surveillance;
  • serious infractions and special investigations.

Fishery Officer Career
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Legislation and Regulations

In Quebec, Fisheries and Oceans Canada Fishery Officers enforce the legislation and regulations for marine fisheries only.

Compliance and Enforcement
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Major legislation and regulations governing Canadian fisheries
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Management of fisheries harvesting freshwater and so-called diadromous species (those that spend part of their life cycle in freshwater) is the task of provincial Conservation Officers.