2008-2009 Annual statistics review

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Table of Contents

Catch portrait of quebec Sector for 2008 - 2009

Work Force

  • Commercial fishermen
  • Vessels
  • Buyers

Resource Accessibility

  • Fishing licenses issued in 2009
  • Fishing quotas in Quebec - year 2009
  • Weekly landings by area for selected species

Landings in Quebec

  • Landings in Quebec
  • Landings by vessels length category - Quebec
  • Supplementary purchase slips in Quebec
  • Monthly landings in Quebec
  • Landings by fishing gear type
  • Average landed price
  • Ranking of fishing ports
  • Landings in Quebec by non Quebec vessels
  • Landings outside Quebec by Quebec vessels

Statistical profile of seal hunt

Economic profile of Quebec main fishing fleets

Distribution of landings by sector

Gaspé Peninsula

  • Landings in the Gaspé Peninsula
  • Landings by vessel length category - Gaspé Peninsula
  • Supplementary purchases slips - Gaspé Peninsula
  • Monthly landings - Gaspé Peninsula
  • Landings by subarea
  • Average landed prices

North Shore

  • Landings on the North Shore
  • Landings by vessel length category - North Shore
  • Supplementary purchases slips - North Shore
  • Monthly landings - North Shore
  • Landings by subarea
  • Average landed prices

Magdalen Islands

  • Landings in the Magdalen Islands
  • Landings by vessel length category - Magdalen Islands
  • Supplementary purchases slips - Magdalen Islands
  • Monthly landings - Magdalen Islands
  • Average landed prices

St. Lawrence

  • St. Lawrence sector

Northern Quebec

  • Northern Quebec sector

Landings and work force - Atlantic Coast

Landings by DFO administrative region

Comparative data - Inside and outside Gulf

Production and manpower in plant

  • Data on plant production
  • Plant production in Quebec
  • Plant production - Gaspé Peninsula
  • Plant production - North Shore
  • Plant production - Magdalen Islands
  • Data on manpower in plant

Quebec exports and imports of marine products



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