Liaison Committee Between Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Quebec Harvesting Sector

Review of Fisheries Management Tools

Presentation to the Liaison Committee between DFO and the Harvesting Sector PDF Version

November 27, 2013 Quebec City


  • DFO (Fisheries Management, Science, Policy and Economics, etc.) needs reliable and credible information to monitor fishery activities,  biological and compliance indicators;
  • For the past 15 years, the Fisheries Activity Management System (GAP) has supported DFO mandates;
  • Most DFO programs are facing resource issues, leading to the need to make our tools and processes more efficient;
  • During the July 11 Liaison Committee meeting industry representatives discussed expectations regarding reducing costs and the administrative burden associated with gathering the information needed for fisheries management and monitoring.  

Objectives of the initiative on monitoring and compliance

  • Confirm the relevance of the data gathered (October 25 workshop on risk management for information gathering);
  • Optimize information gathering tools (frequency of data gathering and use of tools in synergy to validate the information);
    • Examples: hail out confirmation number, which is recorded in the logbook; in the hail in, Quebec's verification program, the purchase slip for facilities and land surveillance.
  • Potential reduction of administrative burden and costs to industry and DFO;
  • Identify a pilot project to be implemented in 2014.

Why an Area 17 snow crab pilot project?

  • Represent a limited number of harvesters from Gaspésie – Lower St. Lawrence and the North Shore, including traditional fishers, new entrants and First Nations;
  • Harvest of a sedentary stock that occurs within a limited geographic area;
  • Most measures and tools supporting management of this stock are already being applied;
  • Area 17 snow crab fleets have reached a business maturity, that supports promising initiatives regarding the governance of exploitation of the biomass;
  • This pilot project may be exportable to other snow crab fleets.

Area 17 snow crab pilot trial joint working group

Terms of Reference – Governance and Structure

M. Bergeron (Coordinator), Resource Management (RM)

  • M. Deschênes – C&P
  • B. Morin – RM
  • J. Lambert – Science
  • D. Courtemanche – RM 
  • É. Lachance – Statistics
  • M. Chavez – Policy
  • R. Landry, Group A
  • C. Gosselin, Group A
  • P. Léonard, Essipit and Pessamit FN
  • S. Thibault, Viger FN
  • A. Boucher, Group B
  • F. Dubé, Group B

Working group tasks and deadlines

  • Prepare a review of the monitoring and compliance tools for the Area 17 snow crab fishery (2013-11-16);
  •  Explore various options to improve information gathering efficiency for fisheries management and scientific needs (2013-11-18);
  • Determine the feasibility of the suggested changes for implementation in 2014 (December 2013 and January 2014);
  • Develop an implementation plan (end of January 2014);
  • Conduct a post-mortem and make recommendations following the pilot project (September 2014).