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Quebec Bulletin
April-May 2017/Volume 20/Number 2

The CCGS Sipu Muin Gets Refurbished

After 18 years of serving the Canadian Coast Guard, the hovercraft Sipu Muin recently got a facelift. After countless missions, the time had come to give the impressive structure and its systems what we call a "mid-life refit." This major maintenance work has given new life to the Sipu Muin, which will now be able to remain active for another decade to come.

The most challenging part of the job was definitely refurbishing the structure. Having been subjected to difficult operating conditions like rough terrain, saltwater and so on, it was damaged and showed cracks and rust. The crew compartment was also completely re-done: the windows are now tilted and a new side and back windshield wiper system has been installed, which will significantly improve visibility. The heating and cooling system has also been redone, while the engine control system and the bow thruster control system have been replaced.

Other repairs have been done—the engine radiators have been restored, new fuel tanks and valves have been installed, and the firewalls have been replaced. Lastly, the cabin interior has been restored and a fresh coat of exterior paint has been applied. 

With any luck, you may get to see the spruced up CCGS Sipu Muin on a body of water near you!

Overall view of the bow of the hovercraft during the work.

The windows in the cockpit on the CCGS Sipu Muin are now inclined to be able to see better.

Inside the cockpit during the work.

The cockpit has been completely redone.

Two men check the hovercraft’s skirt.

Verification of the hovercraft’s skirt.

Philippe Désilets
Canadian Coast Guard

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