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Quebec Bulletin
December 2016-January 2017/Volume 19/Number 6


Karina Laberge and Hélène Lapointe

Editorial committee
Marthe Bérubé, Lorie-Ann Di Patria, Michel Gilbert, Jean-Pierre Huet, Dario Lemelin, Julie Lemoine, Martial Ménard, Lucie Milot and Andrew Rowsell

Guy Cantin, Pascale Fortin, Julie Gascon, Ali Magassouba, Elisabeth Marceau, Michel Plamondon, Yvan Simard and Patrick Vincent

Visual Coordinator
Denis Chamard

Web Editor
José Chouinard

Acting Director
Rachelle Smith

Published by
Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Quebec Region
Regional Communications Branch
104 Dalhousie Street
Québec, Quebec  G1K 7Y7
Telephone: 418-648-2239

INFOCEANS informs the Quebec Region's clients and partners about the policies and programs of Fisheries and Oceans Canada. Reproduction is permitted, with indication of the source. The editor wishes to be informed in writing of these uses.