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Quebec Bulletin
October-November 2016/Volume 19/Number 5

October-November 2016

The wreck of the Christine

Hydrography Playing a Key Role in Underwater Archaeology

Hydrographers do not spend their time hunting for underwater wrecks. However, their work does involve detailed detection of obstacles, many of which are in fact wreckage. Our hydrographers consequently watch closely for irregularities and forward information on to the receiver of wrecks where appropriate.

Striped Bass

The Striped Bass Returns to the St. Lawrence River

In the late 1960s, sustained fishing, poaching and significant changes in certain habitats led to the complete disappearance of striped bass from the estuary. Subsequent to a reintroduction program and intensive monitoring, this species is now being reported in areas throughout the St. Lawrence. A success for biodiversity in the St. Lawrence.

Metal baffles in water

Protecting the Fisheries at Watercourse Crossings

The 2016 edition of Guidelines for Watercourse Crossings in Quebec equips designers to ensure that bridges, culverts and other related structures do not obstruct the movement of fish. Free passage is essential for fish to feed, reproduce and find shelter.