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Quebec Bulletin
June-July 2016/Volume 19/Number 3

The Canadian Coast Guard: Hello Tourists!

The Canadian Coast Guard Base in the City of Quebec
The Canadian Coast Guard base in the City of Quebec

The residents of the St. Lawrence River's waterfront communities and workers in the maritime sector are usually quite familiar with the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG). However, this is not necessarily the case for the general population, nor for residents of the City of Quebec, which is home to the imposing Canadian Coast Guard base where numerous red and white vessels are docked. CCG came to this realization during a training conference for the Québec City Professional Tour Guides Association (AGTQ) on April 20, 2016.

The AGTQ had contacted the Coast Guard earlier in the year to invite them to give a presentation of about an hour on the organization's role in the City of Quebec. According to the person responsible for training, about 30 people usually attend these monthly information sessions so that City of Quebec tour guides can improve their tours. We were surprised and delighted to see that over 60 guides attended the CCG's presentation.

La Basse de la Garde côtière canadienne à Québec
Marine Communications and Traffic Services Centre

For over 90 minutes, all of the services that the Canadian Coast Guard offers to the Quebec community were introduced, and a multitude of highly relevant questions were answered. The guides now know the importance of installing and removing buoys, and better understand the presence of winter buoys in the river.

The presentation also provided a snapshot of the essential survey and dredging operations carried out with the goal of maintaining optimal water levels to facilitate the transit of large commercial vessels. The icebreaking and flood control service was also covered, because it is essential for ensuring the safe transit of commercial vessels to Montreal in winter and in the Canadian North in the summer.

François A. Boulanger
Canadian Coast Guard

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