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Quebec Bulletin
April-May 2016/Volume 19/Number 2

April-May 2016

Sylvie Pelletier

New Associate Regional Director General for Quebec

Fisheries and Oceans Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Sylvie Pelletier. She has over 30 years of experience in the federal public service, mainly with the Canadian Coast Guard, where she has headed the Central and Arctic Region programs since 2012.

Fisheries officers at a graduation ceremony

New Fishery Officers!

On March 3, 2016, after their 18 weeks of training, the nine Quebec cadets officially received their fishery officer badge. They now enter the field, ready to protect the fisheries throughout the area.

Sea pens

Coral and Sponge Conservation Strategy

Coral and sponge communities play a critical role in the health of ecosystems by providing shelter, as well as nursery, spawning and breeding grounds for numerous aquatic species. But corals and sponges are sensitive to human activities. It is therefore important to protect them.

Canadian Coast Guard ship in the Arctic

Feeding a Crew, Without Want or Waste

When a Canadian Coast Guard ship such as the CCGS Pierre Radisson heads for the Arctic, it is for a long time. Managing food consumption on this voyage is a logistical feat. There must be enough food to last throughout unforeseen events while limiting food waste and unnecessary costs.

Visitors to the Department's booth

The Boat and Water Sports Show: We Were There!

Again this year, a team from the Canadian Hydrographic Service and the Canadian Coast Guard was on site. Hundreds of visitors took the opportunity to learn more about our mission on boating safety through aids to navigation tools.