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Quebec Bulletin
February-March 2016/Volume 19/Number 1

New Regulations for Healthier Aquaculture

Une aquaculture plus saine grâce à nouveau règlement.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada's new Aquaculture Activities Regulations (AAR) clarify the federal regulations governing aquaculture activities, particularly when they involve disease control and the discharge of organic matter.

The Regulations, adopted in July 2015, set out specific restrictions to avoid, minimize and mitigate any serious harm to fish and fish habitat. They also describe specific measures that owners and operators must take to manage their operations.

The objectives of the Aquaculture Activities Regulations are to:

  • adopt a consistent national system for the environmental management of authorized aquaculture activities;
  • supplement existing legislation;
  • harmonize and coordinate a federal-provincial regulatory framework;
  • increase transparency with the public in terms of the regulation of the aquaculture industry.

Closer Monitoring for Better Environmental Management

Though essential, the control of diseases, parasites and biofouling, as well as animal feeding, create discharges in the form of medication, pest control products and organic matter.

By monitoring the industry's practices and results, the Aquaculture Activities Regulations will increase the industry’s transparency and build public confidence. This should improve consumers’ trust and increase the value of Canadian aquaculture products on export markets.

As part of the Sustainable Aquaculture Program, an annual report documenting aquaculture practices across Canada will be posted on Fisheries and Oceans Canada's website. The information from the annual report will be compiled by the Department for tabling in Parliament.

For more information: Aquaculture Activities Regulations Guidance Document

André Drapeau
Fisheries Management

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