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Quebec Bulletin
August-September 2015/Volume 18/Number 4

August-September 2015

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The St. Lawrence Estuary: A Whale's Pantry

The Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence encompass major summer feeding ground for large cetaceans like the blue whale, fin whale and common minke whale, that forage there. A Fisheries and Oceans Canada team of scientists recently plied the St. Lawrence, from the head of the Laurentian Channel to the Gaspé, on their eighth annual survey of the area to study how forage species such as krill and sand lance affect baleen whale distribution.

For the study, a tag is placed on the backs of the blue whales.

Diving with Blue Whales to Find Out What They Eat!

Diving with whales! We can only imagine it, since diving with blue whales or any other marine mammal is prohibited in the St. Lawrence. But this summer, a team of scientists used small electronic devices to do just that, as part of a project to find out where, when and what blue whales in the St. Lawrence eat.