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Quebec Bulletin
June - July 2015/Volume 18/Number 3

June‑July 2015

St. Lawrence Beluga.

Boaters and Beluga Whales: Keep Your Distance!

Boaters who travelling Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and Saint Simon, in the heart of the beluga whale's habitat in the St. Lawrence, frequently observe this marine mammal, in particular females with their calves. Unfortunately, disturbance caused by humans and degradation of the beluga's habitat are some of the main threats to the recovery of this threatened population.

Diver near mussel socks.

Protecting Mussels from Ducks

A new method for protecting mussels will be tested this summer in Chaleur Bay, Quebec. The purpose of the project will be to test the effectiveness of a protective cage against migratory duck predation on commercial mussel sites.

The CCGS Amundsen dry-docked.

Icebreakers: How Do They Work?

To be considered an icebreaker, a vessel must have three characteristics:

  • a reinforced hull for moving through ice;
  • a more tapered bow; and
  • sufficient power to move forward through ice.

Gascons fishing harbour.

Investments in Small Craft Harbours in Quebec

By spring 2017, some 62.6 million dollars will have been allocated for 54 harbour infrastructure projects in Quebec. Under the direction of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, these projects will be carried out in cooperation with the harbour authorities that operate and manage these facilities for local users.

Serge Gosselin

New Director of the Canadian Hydrographic Service

Since April, Serge Gosselin has been the new director of the Canadian Hydrographic Service, Quebec Region. He is taking over from Andrée Bolduc. Mr. Gosselin began his career in the federal public service at Fisheries and Oceans Canada in 1991. His experience is very broad.