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Quebec Bulletin
April - May 2015/Volume 18/Number 2

April–May 2015

Officer on the wheelhouse.

An Extraordinary Rescue

On February 16, crew members from a Canadian Coast Guard helicopter and vessel received a call that left them on alert all morning: a passenger on the Québec–Lévis ferry had gone overboard and was stranded in the icy waters of the St. Lawrence River.

The seabed is covered with very colourful organisms.

Return of the Redfish?

The early 1990s were exciting times for commercial fisheries in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, due to an abundance of redfish. But in 1995, the stock collapsed. A moratorium was implemented and fishing of redfish was banned. In 2010, the primary local population was listed as "endangered". In 2013, various scientific surveys revealed a surprising fact: the Gulf of St. Lawrence is covered with a layer of young, two-year-old redfish.

The icebreaker CCGS Des Groseilliers.

The Canadian Coast Guard Modernizes Its Vessels' On-Board Communications

In order to modernize the safety of its operations, the Canadian Coast Guard is replacing the internal communication system on board its vessels. The CCGS Des Groseilliers is the third and final heavy icebreaker operating in the St. Lawrence area to be equipped with the new system, following the CCGS Pierre Radisson and the CCGS Amundsen.