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Quebec Bulletin
April - May 2015/Volume 18/Number 2

The Canadian Coast Guard Modernizes its Vessels' on-Board Communications

The icebreaker CCGS Des Groseilliers.
R. Grimard

In order to modernize the safety of its operations, the Canadian Coast Guard is replacing the internal communication system on board its vessels. The CCGS Des Groseilliers is the third and final heavy icebreaker operating in the St. Lawrence area to be equipped with the new system, following the CCGS Pierre Radisson and the CCGS Amundsen.

The internal communication system on the CCGS Des Groseilliers dated back to 1982 (i.e., the year of the vessel's construction). The equipment and system components required a great deal of maintenance. For the most part, their service life had been exceeded and spare parts had been unavailable for a long time.

The new system, which meets Transport Canada's very strict requirements and standards, makes internal communication with the crew members possible, regardless of where they are located. It includes, among other things, intercoms, bullhorns, loudspeakers, direct line telephones and an alarm management system.

Based in Québec, the CCGS Des Groseilliers participates in search and rescue missions and waterway icebreaking, provides assistance to commercial shipping and maintains navigational aids, in addition to contributing to the advancement of science. The vessel also provides the country's northernmost communities, often located in areas that are inaccessible by land, with fuel and goods.

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Maxime Mercier
Canadian Coast Guard

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