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Quebec Bulletin
February - March 2015/Volume 18/Number 1

New publications

Nautical Charts

The Canadian Hydrographic Service of Canada published the following charts for Quebec in 2014:

  • 1201    Saint-Fulgence to Saguenay (new chart)
  • 1310    Port of Montreal
  • 1360    Lake Memphremagog (new chart)
  • 1432    Lake St. Francis
  • 4025    Cap Whittle to Havre-Saint-Pierre and Anticosti Island
  • 4026    Havre-Saint-Pierre and Cap des Rosiers to Pointe des Monts

New releases of naval charts are announced in Part 1 of Notices to Mariners posted monthly on NOTMAR.

Tide and Current Tables

The 2015 Canadian Tide and Current Tables were published in November 2014. Note that print editions are completely metric.
They are available from authorized Canadian Hydrographic Service dealers across Canada.

Tide information is also available on
You can view all the data on the site or download PDF versions of some ports. The information is available in metric and imperial units.

Front page of the Canadian Tide and Current Tables 2015, Volume 3: St. Lawrence River and Saguenay Fiord