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Quebec Bulletin
December 2014 - January 2015/Volume 17/Number 6

Consultation on Three Fish Species at Risk
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Fisheries and Oceans Canada is considering adding three fish species to the List of Wildlife Species at Risk. Interested individuals and organizations are invited to share their point of view until February 27, 2015. The four populations under study for these species are:

  • Atlantic sturgeon, St. Lawrence populations (threatened status)
  • Atlantic sturgeon, Maritimes population (threatened status)
  • Striped bass, Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence population (special concern status)
  • Cutlip minnow (special concern status)
Deux échantillonneurs, avec de l’eau jusqu’à la taille, relèvent un filet pour l’inventaire.
Atlantic sturgeon
Deux échantillonneurs, avec de l’eau jusqu’à la taille, relèvent un filet pour l’inventaire.
Space for life - Biodôme de Montréal
Striped bass
Brochet vermiculé d’environ 15 cm dans la main de l’échantillonneur
Nate Tessier
Cutlip minnow

The purposes of the Species at Risk Act (SARA) are to prevent the disappearance of wildlife species, to provide for their recovery and to encourage the management of special concern species. Before deciding whether the above-mentioned species will be added to the List of Wildlife Species at Risk under SARA, Fisheries and Oceans Canada would like your comments, opinions and suggestions regarding the possible ecological, cultural and economic impacts of this decision. To fill out the online questionnaires go to the Public Consultations section of the Species at Risk Public Registry.

Who assessed the status of these species at risk?

The Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC), an independent committee of experts that assesses and designates which wildlife species are in some danger of disappearing. This assessment is based on the best available information, including scientific data, community knowledge and Aboriginal traditional knowledge.

If these populations are listed...

If these two Atlantic Sturgeon populations are listed as threatened, automatic prohibitions will immediately come into effect. Killing, harming, taking, possessing, catching or trading these Atlantic Sturgeon populations will therefore be banned. A recovery strategy and subsequent action plan(s) will be developed to identify the measures to be implemented to mitigate the known threats. Critical habitat (the habitat necessary for the survival and recovery of Atlantic Sturgeon) will also be protected following its identification in a recovery strategy or action plan.

If the two species with special concern status, striped bass (Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence population) and cutlip minnow, are listed, they will not be subject to automatic prohibitions. A management plan under the Species at Risk Act will be developed to implement recovery measures. In addition, for striped bass, Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence population, recreational fishing and Aboriginal fishing for food, social and ceremonial purposes will be able to continue under existing regulations.

For more information on these species and why they are at risk, visit the Species at Risk Public Registry.

Jacinthe Beauchamp
Myriam Bourgeois
Ecosystems Management

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