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Quebec Bulletin
February - March 2014/Volume 17/Number 1

Update on Fisheries Management Service Delivery – Highlights

Several months ago, Fisheries and Oceans Canada began making adjustments to its fisheries management services. This modernization included the following changes:

  • New national online licensing system;
  • New logbook and tagging requirements.

Fishing licences are now issued through the National Online Licensing System. This system must be used by fishers to:

  • Renew fishing licences and vessel registrations;
  • Pay related fees;
  • Print their licences, licence conditions, receipts for fees paid and other documents related to licensing.

It is important to note that licence renewal notifications are no longer sent by mail. Fishers must therefore register with the National Online Licensing System to obtain their fishing licence.

For further information on the National Online Licensing System and to view our videos and practical learning tools, visit our website. For help when registering, call 1-877-535-7307 for telephone support.

In recent months, requirements regarding logbooks, combined forms, gear tag program management and at-sea monitoring have been revised. Fishers must now obtain and pay for the logbooks and combined forms required to conduct their fishing activities from a supplier approved by the Department. Maintaining a logbook is mandatory under section 61 of the Fisheries Act.

Gear tags
In some fisheries, gear tags are a necessary management tool. The Department is working with the industry to determine the areas and types of fisheries in which gear tags are still necessary to ensure the conservation and sustainability of fisheries resources and proper conduct of fishing activities.

Fishers and associations wishing to obtain more information on gear tags can consult the Approved Tag Suppliers lists for the various areas and the Protocol for Gear Tagging in Atlantic Commercial Fisheries.

The main stakeholders in the commercial fishing industry have been informed of the changes arising from the fisheries modernization initiative. Given the changes in the process, the time limits for completing certain transactions have been reviewed and service standards have been adjusted accordingly. Additional information specifically regarding the Quebec region is available on our regional website.

Patrick Vincent, Regional Director
Fisheries Management

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