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Quebec Bulletin
October - November 2013/Volume 16/Number 5

Canadian Coast Guard Acquires Two New Ships in Quebec

Maybe you have seen them in recent months, plying the waters of the St. Lawrence River and the Gulf of St. Lawrence? The Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) acquired two new vessels for Quebect his past spring: the CCGS Leim and Caporal Kaeble V.C.



The CCGS Leim accommodates Fisheries and Oceans Canada research scientists as they conduct vital oceanographic and scientific research in Canada's coastal waters. Data needed to monitor the St. Lawrence ecosystem is collected on the ship.

The 22-metre long Leim offers a multi-purpose platform. Use of the scientific equipment required for fisheries and oceanographic research is made easy by the ship's manoeuvrability. It can deploy many kinds of equipment including various types of trawls, scallop dredges, remote-operated vehicles, camera sleds, plankton nets, acoustic and geophysical survey equipment, and water sampling arrays.

This new vessel, which replaces the CCGS Calanus II, will have its home port in Rimouski and will mainly be used by scientists from the Maurice Lamontagne Institute in Mont-Joli. On board, monitoring is done of various commercial fish species such as snow crab, lobster, shrimp, scallop, whelk and turbot, and of marine mammals such as whales. Its season extends from mid-April to the end of October, from the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence to the west coast of Newfoundland.

The vessel was named in honour of the late Dr. Alexander Henry Leim, a Fisheries and Oceans Canada researcher known for his contribution to the Fishes of the Atlantic Coast of Canada publication and for dedicating his life to promoting fisheries research.


CCGS Caporal Kaeble V.C.

CCGS Caporal Kaeble V.C.
© Normand Sansfaçon
CCGS Caporal Kaeble V.C.

The CCGS Caporal Kaeble V.C. honours the memory of Joseph-Thomas Kaeble, Royal 22e Regiment Corporal, who died in combat in 1918. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross (V.C.), the most prestigious award for military valour a Canadian can receive.

Mainly used as part of a joint program with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the patrol vessel enhances security along the St. Lawrence River, as well as in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes. The Caporal Kaeble V.C. will primarily be used to enhance national security, respond to potential threats and enforce regulations related to federal on-water requirements.

With a capacity of up to 14 crew members, including 5 RCMP officers, her autonomy at sea is 14 days on a course of 2000 nautical miles. When the vessel is on missions, the CCG is responsible for its operations and the RCMP is responsible for all enforcement activities. The CCGS Caporal Kaeble V.C's home port is Québec.

Pascale Fortin
Canadian Coast Guard

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