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Quebec Bulletin
August - September 2013/Volume 16/Number 4


Innovative Project for Construction of Floating Docks on the Lower North Shore

Floating docks in Vieux Fort on the Lower North Shore

In recent years, thanks to funding from Canada Economic Development (CED) and technical support from Fisheries and Oceans Canada, several Lower North Shore communities in Quebec have been able to replace old floating docks.

The communities of Old Fort, Rivière-Saint-Paul, La Tabatière and Chevery collaborated to present a comprehensive plan to CED, managed by the Eastern Lower North Shore Harbour Authority, which consisted of building 256 floating docks using local labour. In addition to being useful for commercial fishers, the docks could also be used by recreational fishers, tourists and local residents.

The Eastern Lower North Shore Harbour Authority carried out and supervised the work in collaboration with the harbour authorities of the four targeted communities. The project created numerous temporary jobs in an area hit hard by tough economic times.

Spanning a nearly three-year period, this initiative was very well received by the community and is a good example of the constant efforts and goodwill of volunteers from the harbour authorities to improve fishing industry services in Quebec.

Martin St-Gelais, Director
North Shore Area

American Bank: Stakeholder Consultations

DFO R. Larocque
Atlantic Wolffish

In May 2011, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) selected the American Bank, a bank east of the Gaspé Peninsula in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, as an area of interest for establishment as a marine protected area.

Since the beginning of the process to establish this marine area, DFO has consulted the various levels of government, First Nations, marine users, the industry, environmental organizations, other interest groups and the general public. An advisory committee consisting of interested stakeholders will be established in the fall of 2013. It will provide advice on establishing the marine protected area.

A consultation workbook was sent to about 60 industry stakeholders. With this questionnaire, DFO hopes to get opinions on the project, particularly with regard to territorial delineation, proposed conservation objectives, and existing and potential activities likely to have an impact on the marine ecosystem. DFO would also like to use the survey to determine the stakeholders' interest in participating in the advisory committee.

The public will then be consulted for their comments.

The information gathered throughout the consultation process will help identify appropriate management measures adapted to industry realities that will provide the basis for preparing the regulatory tools for the future marine protected area.

Rapport de l’atelier de consultation intersectorielle sur le site d’intérêt du banc des Américains en vue de l’établissement d’une aire marine protégée [Report on the intersectoral consultation workshop on the American Bank area of interest for the establishment of a marine protected area - in French only]
Canadian Manuscript Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 3021, 2013

Elaine Albert
Ecosystems Management

Environmental Awareness on World Oceans Day

Officer Guy Thibault giving information to part of the group
DFO W. Fowler
Officer Guy Thibault giving information to part of the group

As part of World Oceans Day, fishery officer Guy Thibault from the Blanc-Sablon district and officer Warren Fowler from the L'Anse-au-Loup district, Newfoundland and Labrador, organized an awareness day with students from the Basque Memorial School in Red Bay, Labrador.

A total of 11 students and 2 teachers participated in the activity. The officers first brought students out to sea to give them an opportunity to discover the marine environment and the wildlife that live there. The students then helped collect garbage in their community and learned about the ecosystems around them. They also attended an information session on World Oceans Day and species at risk.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event and showed great interest in their environment. Students received a wealth of educational material to help maintain their awareness throughout the year and signed a contract to help Fisheries and Oceans protect species at risk.

Guy Thibault
North Shore Area