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Quebec Bulletin
June - July 2013/Volume 16/Number 3

June–July 2013

Gaspé fishermen proudly display their catches

Gaspé Lobster Fishers Leaving their Mark

Since the start of the 2013 fishing season, Gaspé lobsters have been marked with a coded label identifying the fisherman who caught them. This initial traceability procedure gives consumers peace of mind in knowing that they are eating lobster from Quebec.

The CCGS Amundsen dry-docked

Rejuvenation of the Amundsen

In June 2012, after 33 years of loyal service, the CCGS Amundsen was overhauled. Major engine repairs were required. She will be ready to head back to sea in late July 2013 for her scientific operations in the Canadian Arctic.

Launch of acoustic observatory

The Sound of Ships in the St. Lawrence

To improve our understanding of whales' acoustic environment in their habitat in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence, an acoustic observatory to monitor ships was installed in the Laurentian Channel in November 2012. It is measuring the noise of the ships.

A hydrographer conducting a bathymetric survey of a shallow area in a fishing harbour

Hydrography — Underpinning the Blue Economy

June 21 is World Hydrography Day. The theme for 2013, "Hydrography — Underpinning the Blue Economy," demonstrates the importance of hydrography for the economic development of numerous maritime-related activities, such as transportation.