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Quebec Bulletin
April - May 2013/Volume 16/Number 2

April–May 2013

Walrus herd

Impressive Ivory Seizures

In February, a team of fishery officers seized narwhal and walrus ivory in the areas of Montreal and Eastern Quebec. To date, four walrus and five narwhal tusks have been seized. The black market value of the narwhal tusks is estimated at $28,000, and that of the walrus tusks at $5,000.

Hovercraft at work

Hovercraft: How Do They Work?

You have probably seen them at work, especially in the spring, clearing ice jams to prevent flooding. They move easily on water, over flats and even on land. But how do these amphibious craft that seem to fly above everything really work?

Area closed off to shellfish harvesting

Use Caution when Harvesting Shellfish

With the arrival of spring and the ice melt, shellfish harvesting season kicks into high gear. But before hurrying to the beaches, it is a good idea to review regulations on safety and compliance to avoid fines.