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Quebec Bulletin
February - March 2013/Volume 16/Number 1

February–March 2013

Floating ice

Science at DFO :
Adapting to Climate Change

We can no longer ignore the effects of climate change or the potential implications for the health of aquatic ecosystems. The issue raises significant questions about the impacts on coastal communities and economies, particularly with respect to fishing, commercial navigation and tourism.

Aerial survey technique

Hydrographers in Full Flight: Aerial Survey Technique

In November, the Canadian Hydrographic Service used an aerial survey technique to cover an area of about 700 km² between Mistanoque Island and Blanc-Sablon. The results were very positive. It took only four days in the air to survey almost all the areas critical to coastal navigation.


Commercial Fisheries — Preliminary Results: 2012 Season

In 2012, preliminary data for the commercial fishing season in Quebec show aggregate landings of 56,382 t with a value of $161.2 million. The year was marked by a 5% increase in landing volume and an 8% increase in value. This increase is mainly due to increased landings of snow crab and herring, and to an appreciable hike in landing prices for shrimp.

Jean-Pierre Huet and Joël Mercier

Harbour Authority Recognition Program

Joël Mercier is the Harbour Master (wharfinger) for the L’Anse-à-Brillant and Saint-Georges-de-Malbaie Port Authorities. He has always shown exemplary dedication, not only for the Port Authority, but also to users of both wharves under his responsibility.