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Quebec Bulletin
February - March 2013/Volume 16/Number 1

Harbour Authority Recognition Program

Jean-Pierre Huet et Joël Mercier
Joël Mercier, on the right, receiving his prize from Jean-Pierre Huet, Area Programs Manager.
DFO M. Lemay

For several years now, Joël Mercier has been the Harbour Master (wharfinger) for the L’Anse-à-Brillant and Saint-Georges-de-Malbaie Port Authorities. He has always shown exemplary dedication, not only for the Port Authority, but also to users of both wharves under his responsibility. From day one he has shown remarkable commitment, especially in raising awareness with wharf users on keeping the premises clean. The Regional Small Craft Harbours Branch is very proud to present him with the Individual Commitment Distinction Award, as part of the Harbour Authority Recognition Program.

Joël Mercier spares no time or effort in solving problems that require immediate action. Maintenance under his supervision is carried out exceptionally well and always within the time frames set out in contracts.

Since he joined the Port Authority, the community has seen significant progress in the cleanliness of the facilities, all of which is to his credit.

The Harbour Authority Recognition Program has been in place for five years now. Regional distinction awards are presented in three distinct categories: the Individual Commitment Award, Harbour Authority Achievement Award and Harbour Authority Environmental Stewardship Award.

We offer our congratulations to Joël Mercier!

Lyne Beaumont
Small Craft Harbours
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