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Poissons / Ammodytes dubius / Lançon du nord

P.-M. CHOUINARD, J.-D. DUTIL, 2011. The structure of demersal fish assemblages in a cold, highly stratified environment. ICES J. Mar. Sci., 68(9): 1896-1908 .

[Résumé disponible seulement en anglais]
Fish are a major component of marine ecosystems, with many species co-occuring in the same habitats. Potential interactions among species and with the environment can be studied through the identification of species assemblages. Data from bottom trawl surveys (2004–2008) conducted in the estuary and northern Gulf of St Lawrence were analysed using multivariate methods (cluster, multidimensional scaling, and detrended canonical correspondence analysis) to describe the structure and composition of demersal fish assemblages, including rare and smaller non-commercial species. The spatial variability in environmental conditions that characterizes the study area has a significant impact on the composition of fish assemblages in the region. In all, 35 taxa were classified as key, and 6 main fish assemblages were described, based on catch in numbers. These assemblages had a coherent spatial distribution in the study area, associated with either depth, salinity and temperature, or dissolved oxygen. The analyses showed overall strong correlations between species abundance and prevalent environmental conditions and explained 18.4 % of the variance in species abundance data and 79.2 % of the variance in the species–environment relationship.©2011 Oxford