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Bibliography of the Maurice Lamontagne Institute

Dominique ROBY

LAMBERT, J.-D., D. ROBY, 1992. Étude de l'évolution spatio-temporelle des populations de capelan du golfe du Saint-Laurent. CSCPCA doc. rech., 92/83, 28 p .

ROBY, D., J.D. LAMBERT, J.-M. SÉVIGNY, 1991. Morphometric and electrophoretic approaches to discrimination of capelin (Mallotus villosus) populations in the Estuary and Gulf of St. Lawrence. Can. J. Fish. Aquat. Sci., 48: 2040-2050 .

LAMBERT, J.-D., D. ROBY, J.-M. SÉVIGNY, 1990. Étude de la discrimination des populations de capelan (Mallotus villosus) des divisions 4RST de l'OPANO. CSCPCA doc. rech., 90/38, 46 p .

An evaluation of the degree of differentiation of capelin populations in the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence is undertaken using conventional and truss morphometric analyses and electrophoretic analysis of the genetic structure of eight samples of spawning fish taken in NAFO divisions 4RST. While the results of conventional morphometric analyses are not conclusive, truss and electrophoretic analyses tend to differentiate the sampled sites along an east-west axis. However, La Tabatière differs from this trend. The age structure at this site is peculiar and local fishermen report the occurrence of a different type of capelin ("blue back"). The results suggest that the actual bases for the definition of capelin management units in the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence, in NAFO divisions 4RST, are inadequate and that a distribution of the management units along an east-west axis would be more appropriate for the conservation of the biological integrity of capelin populations of the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence.