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Bibliography of the Maurice Lamontagne Institute


LAVIGUEUR, L., M.O. HAMMILL, S. ASSELIN, 1993. Distribution et biologie des phoques et autres mammifères marins dans la région du parc marin du Saguenay. Rapp. manus. can. sci. halieut. aquat., 2220, 40 p .

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Surveys were carried out by small boat within the proposed area of the marine park to determine abundance and distribution of pinnipeds. Data on whale sightings were also collected. Between the months of June and September 1991 and 1992, a total of 14 surveys in the estuary and 10 surveys in the Saguenay River were conducted along predetermined cross river transects and coastal lines. One aerial survey was flown in November 1991 and four boat surveys were completed in the Les Escoumins - Grands- Bergeronnes area during the winter 1991-1992. Major results of this study were obtained over the summer. During the summer surveys, grey seal was the most frequently observed pinniped, followed by harbour and harp seal, while all pinniped observations in the winter, except for one harbour seal, were of harp seal. Grey and harbour seals were observed primarily in the upstream portion of the estuary, particularly near île aux Fraises, île Blanche and batture aux Alouettes, which are used as haul-out sites. Harp seals were associated mostly with the downstream areas. The Saguenay River was utilized primarily by harbour seals, a single greay seal was observed on only one occasion. We also present results from a telemetry study carried out in 1989, information on diet of seals collected in the study area and on returns from the grey seal bounty program.

LAVIGUEUR, L., M.O. HAMMILL, 1993. Distribution and seasonal movements of grey seals, Halichoerus grypus, born in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and eastern Nova Scotia shore. Can. Field-Nat., 107: 329-340 .