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Bibliography of the Maurice Lamontagne Institute


BLASCO, D., M. LEVASSEUR, R. GÉLINAS, R. LAROCQUE, A.D. CEMBELLA, B. HUPPERTZ, E. BONNEAU, 1998. Monitorage du phytoplancton toxique et des toxines de type IPM dans les mollusques du Saint-Laurent : 1989 à 1994. Rapp. stat. can. hydrogr. sci. océan., 151, 117 p .

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The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has conducted monitoring programs for paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP) and harmful algae in the St. Lawrence since 1984 and 1989, respectively. Harmful algae are sampled weekly at 11 coastal stations from April to November while shellfish are collected at approximately 85 stations from March to November. The most important harmful algae enumerated are Alexandrium tamarense (= Gonyaulax tamarensis), A. ostenfeldii, Dinophysis acuminata, D. norvegica, and Phalacroma rotundatum. The main shellfish species collected are blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) and soft-shelled clams (Mya arenaria). This report presents a synthesis of the data collected between 1984 and 1994 during these monitoring programs. Shellfish generally become toxic)<80 µg STX eq/100 g meat) as soon as the abundance of Alexandrium spp. (A. tamarense + A. ostenfeldii) reaches 1 000 cells L-1. As previously observed in other regions, mussels are generally 5 times more toxic than soft-shelled clams at the same location. Maximum Alexandrium spp. concentrations and PSP toxins in mussels and soft-shelled clams were measured in the upper North Shore, lower St. Lawrence-north Gaspésie, and southeast Gaspésie regions. Very low concentrations of Alexandrium spp. were measured in the lower North Shore and Magdalen Islands regions, where shellfish toxicity has always been below the critical limit of 80 µg STX ea/100 g meat. Alexandrium spp. was also found in low numbers in the southwest Gaspésie region, although mussel toxicité reached values higher than 80 µg STX eq/100 g meat on a few occasions between 1989 adn 1994. The mid-North Shore region is characterized by a gradual east-west increase in Alexandrium spp. abundance and shellfish toxicity. Shellfish collected in the western part of this region often exibit toxicity values higher than 80 µg STX eq/100 g meat. No statistically significant interannual variations in Alexandrium spp. abundance was observed between 1989 and 1994 at our sampling stations. However, we did observed significant interannual variations in mussel toxicity between 1984 and 1994, with minimum and maximum toxicity being recorded in 1987-88 and 1991, respectively.

HUPPERTZ, B., M. LEVASSEUR, 1993. Monitorage du phytoplancton dans l'estuaire et le golfe du Saint-Laurent en 1990. Rapp. tech. can. sci. halieut. aquat., 1922, 51 p .

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Since 1989, about ten stations located in the Estuary and the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence are monitored between June and November to determine the presence of the toxic algae Alexandrium spp., Dinophysis spp. and Nitzschia pungens forma multiseries. In 1990, blooms of Alexandrium spp., occurred at the end of June at relatively low concentration. As observed in 1989, the distribution of Alexandrium spp. was restricted to the plumes of the Manicouagen and Aux-Outardes Rivers and to the Gaspe Current. Very low concentrations of Alexandrium spp. were recorded along the Quebec's Lower North Shore and at the Magdalen Islands. Dinophysis spp. was observed all over the territory at very low concentrations. Nitzschia pungens forma multiseries was not found in the area of study.

BUGDEN, G., R. FORBES, D.C. GORDON, B. HUPPERTZ, P.D. KEIZER, M. LEVASSEUR, J.L. MARTIN, R. PENNEY, J.C. SMITH, D.V.S. RAO, D.J. WILDISH, P. YEATS, 1992. Overview of canadian phytoplankton monitoring programs. Pages 105-118 in J.-C. Therriault & M. Levasseur (ed.). Proceedings of the Third Canadian Workshop on Harmful Marine Algae, Maurice-Lamontagne lnstitute, Mont-Joli, Québec, 12-14 May, 1992 .

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SMITH, J.C., N. BOUCHARD-STEEVES, D. BLASCO, M. LEMAY, A. GERVAIS, R. GELINAS, S. GOSSELIN, B. HUPPERTZ, P. KEIZER, C.M. YENTSCH; C. POWELL, S. HANCOCK, K.H. MANN, J. MARTIN, L. BÉRARD-THERRIAULT, J.-C. THERRIAULT, E. BERDALET, 1992. Monitoring toward year 2000. Pages 91-104 in J.-C. Therriault & M. Levasseur (ed.). Proceedings of the Third Canadian Workshop on Harmful Marine Algae, Maurice-Lamontagne lnstitute, Mont-Joli, Québec, 12-14 May, 1992 .

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