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Bibliography of the Maurice Lamontagne Institute


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Water column constituents and sedimentation rates of C, N, and pigments were measured at a fixed station near Gascons (26 m) in baie des Chaleurs, Québec, at 1-4 day intervals between 16 June and 20 August 1992. Water column constituents were chlorophyll a and phaeopigments (<5 pm, 5-153 pm, 0.7-153 pm) and particulate organic carbon and nitrogen. Constituents in the water column and in the sedimentation varied little throughout the sampling period (CV 40 %) except for water column chlorophyll a >5 pm and phaeopigments >5 pm (CV >117 %) and sedimented chlorophyll a (CV=92 %). The standing stock of chlorophyll a in the size class >5 pm was positively related to the standing stock of total chlorophyll a. This log-log mode1 had a slope of 2.25 and explained 86.5 % of the variation. Empirical models describing the sedimentation rate of pigments (R2=41.0-46.4 %) had higher predictive power than those predicting the sedimentation rates of either C (R2=1 1.5 %-14.6 %) or N (R2=20.2 %-24.2 %). The best predictor of the sedimentation rate of pigments was the standing stock of pigment in the size class >5 pm (R2=46.4 %). The slope of the log-log relationship (0.41) implied that the sedimentation rate did not increase linearly with the standing stock of pigment >5 pm. Inferences from these models and their implications on the monitoring of baie des Chaleurs are discussed.

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