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Bibliography of the Maurice Lamontagne Institute


SAUCIER, F.J., J. CHASSÉ, M. COUTURE, R. DORAIS, A. D'ASTOUS, D. LEFAIVRE, A. GOSSELIN, 1999. The making of a surface current atlas of the St. Lawrence Estuary, Canada, Fourth international conference on computer modelling of seas and coastal regions. Pages 87-97 in C. A. Brebbia & P. Anagnostopoulos (ed.). Coastal engineering and marina developments : Proceedings of the 4th international conference on computer modelling of seas and coastal regions. Lemnos, May 1999. .

GILBERT, D., B. PETTIGREW, D. SWAIN, M. COUTURE, 1996. State of the Gulf of St. Lawrence : oceanographic conditions in 1994. Can. Data Rep. Hydrogr. Ocean Sci., 143, 85 p .

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The authors present an overview of the physical oceanographic conditions in the Gulf of St. Lawrence for 1994, with special emphasis on the temperature and salinity profiles collected furing the August-September 1994 shrimp and groundfish survey. The main highlights for 1994 are that 1) winter air temperatures were below the 1961-1990 normal for the sixth consecutive year, 2) the ice cover was above the 1962-1987 median areal extent, 3) the cold intermediate layer was colder than normal for the ninth consecutive year, 4) intense upwelling occurred along Quebec's north shore during the month of August, as evidenced by the very cold surface temperatures, and 5) the deep layers (100-200 m and 200-300 m) warmed in the Gulf, except in Cabot Strait where the temperatures dropped by about 0.5 °C.

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