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Bibliography of the Maurice Lamontagne Institute


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The presence of organisms whose bodies have low preservation potential may be deduced by searching for the traces produced by them. The addition of predatory gastropods and solf-bodied epizoans to Quaternary marine faunas dominated by bivalves was facilitated by an examination of borings in bivalve shells. Borings attributed to predatory gastropods (ichnogenus Oichnus) were observed in shells of Astarte spp., Hiatella arctica and Macoma calcarea. Astarte, Hiatella and Macoma were preyed upon in preference to other members of a diverse suspension-feeding bivalve community. Borings attributed to epizoans (ichnogenus Caulostrepsis) were observed in bivalve shells (Astarte spp., Hiatella arctica), calcareous algae and limestone clasts. Biotic interactions revealed by trace fossils are employed, for the first time, to reconstruct the trophic structure of arctic Quaternary marine benthic faunas.©1988 Taylor & Francis