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Bibliographie de l'Institut Maurice-Lamontagne


SANFAÇON, R., D. LANGELIER, L. MALTAIS, B. TESSIER, 2004. Shallow-water survey in Canada, the St. Lawrence River channel operations. Hydro Int, 8(9): 55-57.

[Résumé disponible seulement en anglais]
Canada is the second largest country in the world and its shoreline measured approximately 243,800 km (more than 6 times the earth circumference). The Canadian Hydrographic Service (CHS), established in 1883, is divided into four regions in order to better serve this immense territory. Shallow water surveys take place in all four regions. However, one of these regions has the most intense shallow water surveys operations, the St. Lawrence channel surveys operations in the Québec Region. The Canadian Hydrographic Service based at Maurice Lamontagne Institute in collaboration with the Canadian Coast Guard is working to improve these shallow water survey operations in order to gain efficiency and accuracy. This paper will present the latest improvement made with the implementation of RTK GPS in a fully operational mode and will take a look at what is planned for the future.

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